I was having dinner in the mess hall one night, catching up (gossiping) with a friend. I was halfway through my swing as a dump truck operator on a remote mine site on the edge of nowhere in WA. 

He asked me if I was enjoying my job (I’d been doing it for 5 months by then).

I said yeah, it’s fine.. you know.. driving up and down, backwards and forwards for 12 hours a day. (Don’t think that I’m not grateful to have had a job especially this year and it paid well)

But it’s not stimulating and my brain wasn’t required for most of the day.

And he said, (as only friends do) you’re wasted here! What else do you want to do?

I jokingly said that I’ve always been in and around food and I love baking I’d love my own cookie shop.

And from that seemingly insignificant chat Cookies and Dough was born.

3 months later I had quit my job working away, set up a business and you are on my live website!

It’s not that actual shop I’d love (when I’m rich maybe) but we all start somewhere.

I’m lucky to have a supportive partner and friends around me. As you can imagine I’m never short of taste testers 😋

I hope you enjoy the cookies as much as I love baking them.